Semi Automatic

The Strapex SWS Series Turntable Stretch Wrapping Machines

The Strapex SWS Series are semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines for pallets. Different models are available to suit all your requirements, including a stainless steel version specifical designed for clean environments. Using pre-stretched Mima films reduces the film consumption by up to 60% and it is no power pre-stretching necessary. The SWS, with its user-friendly control panel, wraps the load which is rotating on a turntable and provides your pallet loads with the necessary protection and stability during transportation and storage.

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The Haloila Cobra G Stretch Wrapping Machine

The Haloila Cobra G is a semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine for use on pallets. Due to the rotating arm technology, the pallet load does not move during the stretch wrapping process. This makes the Cobra G ideal for wrapping loads that are unstable, light, very heavy or odd-shaped. Optimal film usage is guaranteed by the motorized power pre-stretch system with adjustable film tension.

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