Fully Automatic

Octopus Junior

Octopus Junior reliability and operations build on 20 years of experience
and continuous product development with this ring-type wrapping
Octopus Junior wraps product pallets in the best possible and most
economical way using for example single, double or band wrapping. It
wraps different sizes and types of pallets without the need to change
wrapping parameters (e.g. Chep, Euro, 1/2 and 1/4 pallets) – different
pallet types can be fed into the machine in mixed order.

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Octopus Compact

Octopus Compact is the first of a new generation of
stretch wrapping machines that can offer ring wrapping
technology for semi-automatic use or where low capacity
automation is best suited. The Octopus Compact has
the price level of rotating arm and turntable machines,
whilst offering the lowest possible consumable and
maintenance costs.
Octopus Compact is an ideal solution for unstable pallet
loads with production capacity up to 35 pallets/hour. The
machine is equipped with an automatic Tail Tucker system,
which inserts the film tail under the previous film layer in
the end of the wrapping cycle. Octopus Compact can
be used as a semi-automatic solution without conveyors
or as a wrapping station with some conveyors or
combined to an existing wrapping line.

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Octopus 1800/2300 B-BFTS

Product pallets of different heights and sizes (e.g.
Chep, Euro, and pallets) can be wrapped
automatically. Product wrapping tension is the
same whatever the size and shape of the pallet.

Octopus is well proven extremely durable and
reliable. Its construction means bearings for the
rotating ring can be stationed at several points.
PU-plated steel bearings and the ring lifting belts
reduce the need for maintenance. Octopus
machines are quiet in use.

Octopus can be fitted with automatic top sheet
equipment for dustproof or waterproof wrapping.
The equipment is integrated into the frame
construction and so occupies just a little space,
and the top sheet is accurately placed on the
product pallet.

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